Installing AlekSIS with PostgreSQL backend

PostgreSQL is the only supported database backend for AlekSIS. If you are installing AlekSIS manually, you need to properly set it up.

Install the PostgreSQL server

On Debian, install the postgresql server package with:

sudo apt install postgresql

Create a database and user

On Debian, you can use the following commands to create the database and a user who owns it:

sudo -u postgres createuser -D -P -R -S aleksis
sudo -u postgres createdb -E UTF-8 -O aleksis -T template0 -l C.UTF-8 aleksis

When asked for the database user password, choose a secure, preferrably random, password. You can generate one using the pwgen utility if you like:

pwgen 16 1

Configure AlekSIS to use PostgreSQL

Fill in the configuration under /etc/aleksis/aleksis.toml (or a file with any other name in this directory):

host = "localhost"
name = "aleksis"
username = "aleksis"
password = "Y0urV3ryR4nd0mP4ssw0rd"

Don’t forget to run the migrations, like described in the basic setup guide.