class aleksis.core.mixins.AdvancedCreateView(**kwargs)[source]
class aleksis.core.mixins.AdvancedDeleteView(**kwargs)[source]

Common confirm view for deleting.


Using this view, objects are deleted permanently after confirming. We recommend to include the mixin reversion.views.RevisionMixin from django-reversion to enable soft-delete.

delete(request, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Call the delete() method on the fetched object and then redirect to the success URL.

class aleksis.core.mixins.AdvancedEditView(**kwargs)[source]
class aleksis.core.mixins.BaseModelAdmin(model, admin_site)[source]

A base class for ModelAdmin combining django-guardian and rules.

class aleksis.core.mixins.ExtensibleForm(data=None, files=None, auto_id='id_%s', prefix=None, initial=None, error_class=<class 'django.forms.utils.ErrorList'>, label_suffix=None, empty_permitted=False, instance=None, use_required_attribute=None, renderer=None)[source]

Base model for extensible forms.

This mixin adds functionality which allows - apps to add layout nodes to the layout used by django-material

Add layout nodes

from material import Fieldset

from aleksis.core.forms import ExampleForm

node = Fieldset("field_name")
classmethod add_node_to_layout(node)[source]

Add a node to layout attribute.


node (LayoutNode) – django-material layout node (Fieldset, Row etc.)

class aleksis.core.mixins.ExtensibleModel(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Base model for all objects in AlekSIS apps.

This base model ensures all objects in AlekSIS apps fulfill the following properties:

  • versions property to retrieve all versions of the model from reversion

  • Allow injection of fields and code from AlekSIS apps to extend model functionality.

After all apps have been loaded, the code in the model_extensions module in every app is executed. All code that shall be injected into a model goes there.


from datetime import date, timedelta

from jsonstore import CharField

from aleksis.core.models import Person
def is_cool(self) -> bool:
    return True
def age(self) -> timedelta:
    return self.date_of_birth -


For a more advanced example, using features from the ORM, see AlekSIS-App-Chronos and AlekSIS-App-Alsijil.



  • site (ForeignKey to Site) – Site

  • extended_data (JSONField) – Extended data

classmethod add_permission(name, verbose_name)[source]

Dynamically add a new permission to a model.

classmethod class_method(func, name=None)[source]

Add the passed callable as a classmethod.

Return type


classmethod field(**kwargs)[source]

Add the passed jsonstore field. Must be one of the fields in django-jsonstore.

Accepts exactly one keyword argument, with the name being the desired model field name and the value the field instance.

Return type


classmethod foreign_key(field_name, to, to_field='pk', to_field_type=<class 'jsonstore.fields.IntegerField'>, related_name=None)[source]

Add a virtual ForeignKey.

This works by storing the primary key (or any field passed in the to_field argument) and adding a property that queries the desired model.

If the foreign model also is an ExtensibleModel, a reverse mapping is also added under the related_name passed as argument, or this model’s default related name.

Return type



Get the URL o a view representing this model instance.

Return type


classmethod method(func, name=None)[source]

Add the passed callable as a method.

Return type


classmethod property_(func, name=None)[source]

Add the passed callable as a property.

Return type


save(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Ensure all functionality of our extensions that needs saving gets it.


Annotate a ObjectPermissionChecker for use with permission system.

classmethod syncable_fields(recursive=True, exclude_remotes=[])[source]

Collect all fields that can be synced on a model.

If recursive is True, it recurses into related models and generates virtual proxy fields to access fields in related models.

Return type


classmethod syncable_fields_choices()[source]

Collect all fields that can be synced on a model.

Return type

tuple[tuple[str, str]]

classmethod syncable_fields_choices_lazy()[source]

Collect all fields that can be synced on a model.

Return type

Callable[[], tuple[tuple[str, str]]]

property versions

Get all versions of this object from django-reversion.

Includes diffs to previous version.

Return type

list[tuple[str, tuple[Any, Any]]]

class aleksis.core.mixins.GlobalPermissionModel(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Base model for global permissions.

This base model ensures that global permissions are not managed.

class aleksis.core.mixins.PureDjangoModel[source]

No-op mixin to mark a model as deliberately not using ExtensibleModel.

class aleksis.core.mixins.SchoolTermRelatedExtensibleForm(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Extensible form for school term related data.


This doesn’t automatically include the field school_term in fields or layout, it just sets an initial value.

__init__(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

class aleksis.core.mixins.SchoolTermRelatedExtensibleModel(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Add relation to school term.

  • site (ForeignKey to Site) – Site

  • extended_data (JSONField) – Extended data

  • school_term (ForeignKey to SchoolTerm) – Linked school term

class aleksis.core.mixins.SuccessMessageMixin[source]

If the form is valid, save the associated model.

Return type